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Fuck the scene's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Fuck the scene

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1 said your lame... are you lame?

[[ Monday ; Nov ; 7 ; 2005 ; 11.09am ]]

Carrie/19/Marquette, MI
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2 said your lame... are you lame?

new applicant [[ Sunday ; Jun ; 20 ; 2004 ; 1.26pm ]]

1.Name/Age/Location: nadia/ 14/ seatown, wash.
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2.Why you should be in this community: because "awesome like whoa" said i was lame like whoa.
3.10 favorite bands: i dont really listen to rock so i dont know many bands
4.Favorite colour: light blue and red
5.Favorite movie: i might have said i dont listen to rock, but i loved School Of Rock
6.How did you find us: a search
7.Do you like the 70's or 80's: sure, although my style is of the latest years 
8.Are you sXe: yeah, haha i'd sound wierd if i answered no
-PETA/Animal Rights: um cool, animals, yes very cool
-Abortion: not cool, i think if they didnt want a kid they shouldve used birth control not wait till their pregnant and decide they want an abortion. you know?
-Terrorism: well ever since all that terrorism b.s., traveling is harder cuz they gotta search all your junk and its reall inconvenient. everyone's all paranoid and stuff, well at least the gov. i guess
-Racism: i dont see how like if someones a different race that they should be treated differently. everyone says theyr not racist, i hope thats true cuz racism stinks.
10.What do you want to be in the future: well i'm interested in photography so i think that will be fun.
11.Whats your most embarrising moment: this isnt the MOST embarassing, im sure i've had more embarassing times but the other day at grad, we were supposed to come back to our seat after we got our diploma but we were supposed to keep standing and i didnt know so i sat down and everyone started telling me to stand up...i got pretty embarassed
12.What was your favorite concert you went to (if any): hmmm i do not know
13.Your favorite store to shop at: i do shop at a lot of stores but whenever i go to the cube at bon-macy's, i ALWAYS see something that i like.
14.2 clear pictures of your face (If you don't have 2 thats fine.): so is it fine if i have none? cuz thats my case.

are you lame?

yeah [[ Wednesday ; Mar ; 10 ; 2004 ; 6.58pm ]]
Dear members/new applicants,

This community is CLOSED please join uniquexcore and fill out the application for uniquexcore, not the application for this community.

Thank you,

1 said your lame... are you lame?

[[ Saturday ; Mar ; 6 ; 2004 ; 6.12pm ]]

[ mood | excited ]

Name: Brittney better known as Raven

Age: 18 (on Mar. 14th)

Location: Mission Hills, CA
you are now under heavy surveillanceCollapse )

2 said your lame... are you lame?

Application time. [[ Saturday ; Mar ; 6 ; 2004 ; 7.01pm ]]

[ mood | anxious ]

Amanda. 15. From Naperville, Illinois.


(( Till the day I die. My heart stays true. For You. ))Collapse )

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